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What is Your Big Day?

Your Big Day produces innovative video gifts tailored to a specific date in history.

Devised and narrated by former BBC and ITV newscaster Martyn Lewis, and created by award-winning producer Charles Thompson, Your Big Day uses the latest technology to deliver ‘time capsule’ videos that can be delivered directly to a mobile, tablet or desktop device.

Crafted from exclusive footage from ITN’s and Reuters’s archives, customers can order a 5-minute video for almost every date in the last century. Plus, each one has a unique, personal message from the sender embedded in the opening titles.

How our charity partnerships work

Every charity or voluntary organisation that signs up is given a simple, unique code. When any customer enters this code at the time of purchase, £6 will be earmarked for the charity.

Our accountants will carry out a full, audited reconciliation once a quarter, and the money raised by supporters’ will be paid across to the charity’s accounts.

Sir Martyn Lewis
Martyn Lewis, former newscaster and founder of Your Big Day

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